Hello out there and thanks for visiting our website.  Creating a website is one of those things that has been on our to-do list for years but always was pushed aside for one reason or another.  Mostly it comes down to we'd rather be outdoors working than sitting behind a desk.  Wanting to work outdoors, with the weather be it good or bad, and with nature was a huge part of why we became farmers to begin with.  Among the many things that we've learned is that there ends up being quite a bit of office time needed to run a farm properly.  Another thing we've learned is that it's a lot easier for most farmers to produce food than it is to sell it.  We've been lucky in the growth of our operation to have not had to depend upon it for our sole income.  When we started we were both working full time (60+ hours a week) at vegetable farm and were able to take care of the chickens during our off-time and meal breaks though the day.  Now that we have the chicken operation at our own place we're facing new challenges.  Michele has gone back to school studying to become a ultra-sound technician and I've been working off our farm at a nearby dairy.  We're hoping that eventually we can grow our business here in Canaan so that I can make a living wage off the property farming here and Michele will have an off farm job that offers health care and other benefits that most folks are accustomed to with jobs but often farmers go without.

That brings us back to why I'm creating this website.  At our current scale we easily sell out of chicken each year.  We're hoping to ramp up and create more relationships with people looking for high quality, locally grown food.  Our future plans include raising turkeys, a flock of layer hens for eggs, and possibly a small amount of grass fed beef and pastured pork.  Soon we'll be taking pre-orders for chickens for next season.  We'll be offering a discount to folks who commit to purchasing from us early in the season.  Stay tuned for details.  Also please get back to us with feedback on the website.  We created it ourselves through SquareSpace.  Let us know how we could improve it or if you find any glitches in it.

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Mike and Michele