Our full flavored and richly textured chickens are the result of years of experience in raising birds on pasture.  Unlike nearly every other chicken available our birds are given free range on pastures as soon as they're old enough to leave the brooder.  Protected by their guard dog Nellie they range about the pastures freely searching out bugs, grasses, and clover to supplement their feed.  We raise a slower growing (compared to industrial cornish breeds) chicken from Moyer's Chicks in Quakertown, PA.  By allowing our birds to run free and live nearly twice as long as their confined industrial counterparts, they develop a distinct rich flavor.  Once you've tasted one of our birds there's no going back to that bland mush that passes for chicken in most grocery stores.


In addition to tasting better pasture raised chicken has been found to have lower fat content and higher nutrition content than confinement raised chicken.  Pasture raised poultry has also been found to have higher levels of Omega-3 Fatty acids than confinement raised birds.

Soil Health

By moving our chickens around the farm we can distribute their manure about to replenish nutrients and bring biological life to our fields.  By scratching about for seeds and eating bugs they also contribute to keeping down weed and pest pressure.  We're hoping to expand our operations in the future and are using our birds as the first line in bringing health and vigor back into the neglected land we're currently working.

Animal Welfare

As you can see from video above compared to the pictures on our site, there is a drastic difference in quality of life between our birds raised outdoors on green pastures and birds raised in a CAFO (confined animal feeding operation).  We're proud of how we treat our livestock and would love to show you around our place.  You wouldn't want to visit a chicken CAFO and they wouldn't let you either.  Get in touch with us to set-up a visit.