Mike Yund and Michele Maxwell along with their dogs Nellie and Mingus work together to manage and operate YundWell Pastured Poultry.  They've been working together on various farms in California and New York for the past decade.  While working at Roxbury Farm in Kinderhook, NY they raised a batch of 50 birds in the yard for themselves and friends.  The next season it was a couple hundred that were sold through the CSA (community supported agriculture) at Roxbury Farm.  That was the beginning YundWell.  YundWell currently raises around 1,000 birds a season and are looking to expand the operation at their new home in Canaan, NY.

Nellie is a 6 year old Maremma and truly the cornerstone of the operation.  She lives outdoors full time protecting the flock from aerial and land predators.  Without her out there the birds could not roam about freely as they do.  In the early years of YundWell our losses from predators, especially birds of prey, were financially and emotionally staggering.  Since Nellie has been on board losses from predators are nil.  She is a fierce guardian of her flock but she adores people, especially children.


Mingus is a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) and Pittbull mix.  He's an 8 year old puppy.  While he gets to sleep indoors with the humans much of his day is spent outdoors roaming about the farm.  He's Nellie's playmate and has learned a few tricks about chasing hawks away from her.  While he never learned to tell the difference between a hawk and a crow (he chases both with equal vigor, Nellie just lets crows fly by), his dedication and effort are appreciated.

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